Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Essential Oils and Travel Essentials

I recently returned from traveling to China to adopt our fifth child.  Being the oily mama that I am, tried to think of everything I could possibly need while in China for 2.5 weeks. Not only were we going to be in China, but we were going to make several stops along the way there and back - AND while in China, too!  Phew!  

Before I dive into the oils themselves, let me explain a little about myself.  I am a convenience kind of gal.  I like to grab what I need and use it right then without having to worry about diluting or whatnot.  So, the first thing I did was grab some empty roll on bottles and make my essential oils convenient for my trip! The empty roll on bottles are super easy to assemble and really inexpensive, too!
I put roughly 20-30 drops of essential oil in the empty roll on bottle, then filled it up to the threads with carrier oil.  Done!

Here are my top essential oil picks for international travel:

When you travel you have new foods.  You have a long time in the air (or car) sitting still.  You have new bacteria that your body is not used to.  All of these changes result in, well... digestive upset, and in swoops Tummy Troubles essential oil blend to save the day!  

Let's talk germs.  Yeah, I'm that gal; all worried about germs.  Here's the deal.  I refuse to get sick while away from my own bed, so I'm gonna disinfect as needed.  
Hotel rooms: as soon as I get into a hotel room I spray every knob, button, switch, handle and bathroom fixture with Armor Spray.  Boom.  Hotel room is officially disinfected and smells great. 

Here's another tidbit for you:  This spray is also great for less-than-agreeable odors, especially those in the restroom.  Spray Armor Spray before you 'go' and after you 'go' and your hotel roommates will thank you.


While we are talking about Armor, let's talk Armor essential oil blend.  It is highly antiviral so I made an Armor roll on and put it on the bottoms of our feet at night.

Peppermint for motion sickness, reflux or nausea (new foods, remember?) also great for headaches, or other aches and pains.  This is also an essential oil that will perk you up when dealing with time changes or jet lag.

When you travel you also may encounter environmental allergies.  Lavender is a great anti-histamine so you can use it to combat allergies.  Lavender essential oil is also great for sleep, burns, anxiety, bug bites, ear problems (to be applied outside your ear, not inside!).... the list goes on.  Great for travel!

Cleanse essential oil is great for a roll-on when you need it for cuts and scrapes and bug bites.

Breeze essential oil blend is awesome for respiratory issues.  Helps open up airways and makes breathing easier.

Serious aches and pains respond well to Comfort essential oil blend.  Great to have on hand!

Resting Essential Oil blend is great to help you sleep and relax as you deal with time changes and jet lag. 

Not essential oils, but travel essentials:

Activated Charcoal capsules.  My doctor recommended these saying they are fantastic to use when you are out and about and the only option for food is from a street vendor or other questionable source.  After you eat, take a few of these (according to the instructions on the bottle).  Be careful to only use them once in a while, because they will cause constipation and will absorb much needed vitamins and minerals.  Use with caution. 

Take probiotics daily to help improve your immune system!

Essential oils can be taken on your flight as long as they fit in your quart sized ziploc bag. 
Enjoy your trip!